Lorentz has always been exceptional in their customer service as well as fixing my cars. Had exhaust work done on my Jeep, Santos in their muffler and exhaust division is a real artist! Would recommend them and him without reservation!

5 Muffler Shop 4/27/2016

In and out fast and the job done correct. Thanks Santos. Highly satisfied .

5 Muffler Shop 4/7/2016

I got a muffler put on my truck about a year ago maybe 14 months ago. about a month ago it started to make a lot of noise so I got some muffler patch and well it didn't work. So today I took it back to Lorentz Muffler and they said it needed a new muffler. Here is the surprise, They said the warranty was up a couple of months ago, BUT THEY would replace it for free! WOW, Thanks! That is really good customer service.

5 Muffler Shop 10/17/2014

Took my son's car in for a new exhaust. The best customer service I've seen in a long time from a car repair shop. Honest, up front, and made me feel great about doing business with them. Found out they don't only do mufflers and breaks but almost any car repair. So long firestone... They have all my business now!

5 Muffler Shop 2/20/2014

Lewisville Muffler is Amazing. They have great customer service, and will go out of their way to help you out in anyway possible. I went there hoping to get a quote on replacing a catalytic converter on my 07 malibu. I had an idea it was going to be around 600. They told me it was actually both of my converters, which devastated me. I knew I couldn't afford it. Then, they actually took the time to research and look for ways to save money. The guy that helped me out actually found a special coverage warranty for my model and my converters were actually covered. I set up the appt with Huffines Chevy, and they did the work and replaced it free of charge. I had tears in my eyes. They truly made my christmas special, and I can't thank them enough. If you want to be well taken care of, go to Lewisville Muffler!

5 Muffler Shop 1/3/2013

These guys rock! I had a rear shock mount on a Town & Country break off. They were able to weld it back and will stand behind their work with a lifetime warranty. You can't ask for anything more.

5 Muffler Shop 11/26/2011